Artificial Voices

Recent activities

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While being ill I have produced a number of very personal works using artificial voices 

This page summarises some of my work in the field in academic terms – i.e. things that can be measured by committees

Before being ill I wrote a joint paper with Paul Barker and my son George Newell entitled:
Can a computer-generated voice be sincere? A case study combining music and synthetic speech

Link to the ‘Voice by Choice’ film I produced with Lee Ridley directed by Patrick Titley

I have been very involved in running the Creative Speech Technology (CreST) Network with my colleague Alistair Edwards from the University of York.

Information about CreST is archived here

2013 I am working with the Toshiba Speech Technology Group on one of their TTS (Text to Speech) projects.

2013 I can co-guest-editor of a special issue on the CreST Network for Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology

2013 I am developing an interdisciplinary book on speech technologies entitled ‘The Art of Artifical Voices’ with Roger Moore at Sheffield University.

2012 The Creative Speech Technology Network. Article in Communication Matters Journal


2011 “Liveness’ in human-machine interaction.’ International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media. 7(2): December 2011

2009 ‘Place, Authenticity Time: a framework for synthetic voice acting.’ International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media. January 2009.

2005 Edwards, A and Newell C Achieving a lively voice, International Journal for Language Data Processing 28.2/2004, Pages 133-151, ISSN: 0343-5202.

2005 Newell,C and Edwards A. Unnatural but lively voice synthesis for empathic, synthetic performers, Pages 137-143 AISB 2005 Social Intelligence and Interaction in Animals, Robots and Agents, Joint symposium on Virtual Social Agents, The University of Hertfordshire, ISSN:1 902956492.

2004 Newell, C and Edwards, A. To be or to seem to be: that is the question. Unnatural but lively, speech synthesis for synthetic performers: models from acting, Pages 124-131 AISB 2004: Symposium on Language, Speech and Gesture for Synthetic Characters AISB (Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour: The University of Leeds, ISSN:1 902956390.

Conference presentations and performances

2012 ‘Creative Speech Technology.’ Presentation at Communication Matters Conference 2012, 24/09/2012, University of Leicester.

2012 Panel at PSi18 ” Exploring Interdisciplinary & Collaborative Practices in the
Context of Contemporary Economic and Cultural Drivers.” University of Leeds. 30/06/2012

2012 Paper “Melos, Tingles and Vocal Prosthetics: Teasing Interactions Between Opera and Technology. ” at The Theory, Practice, and Business of Opera Today. University of Leeds. 13/04/2012

2011 My Voice and Me: A melodrama for synthetic voice. Creative Speech technology Network. University of York

‘2010 ‘Whose Voice is it Anyway?’ demonstration and performance. (re)Performing the Posthuman a conference on performance arts and posthumanism. Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre University of Sussex, Brighton, 21-22 May 2010

2009 A telephonic Installation. Sonic Interaction Symposium. York University UK. 2nd April 2009

2009 P.A.T. (a telephonic computer voice actor). ‘Theatre Noise’ Central School of Speech and Drama. London 22nd April – 24 April 2009

2009 Frank’ an artifact for public engagement in speech technology. Interspeech 2009. 7th – 10th September 2009


2008 ‘P.A.T. Testing’ (Newell, C.; S. Andrews and I. Gibson) a one hour performance piece shown at the University of Hull Scarborough Campus.

2008 ‘Please wait with me’ (Newell, C. and S. Andrews). A telephone based installation shown at Sight Sonic in York.

2007 ‘Call Centre’ (Newell, C.; S. Andrews; A. Edwards et al.). A telephone based installation shown at the Digital Music Research Network in Leeds.